Assembly Speaker ProAbortion John Pérez,
who is seeking to usurp the 53rd State Assembly District seat

ProAbortion John Pérez is an avowed God-Hater and Hater of Mankind who hates innocent, defenseless unborn children and who hates marriage and the family. And since the family is the basis of human society, he therefore hates society.

If you hate God, your fellow man, the family, and human society, YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR
ProAbortion John Peréz.
But just remember: If you vote FOR him or support him in any way, then you are supporting and voting FOR Child-Killing ABORTION and HOMOSEXUAL "Marriage," and if you and he never repent, you WILL spend eternity with ProAbortion John Pérez in Hell.

Pray for his conversion, pray for the conversion of all the selfish people who vote for him
and all those selfish, irresponsible politicians like him.

Pagan Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christian Assemblywoman ProAbortion John Perez delights in rallying the troops in his infernal fight against God and the Church at Demonic Homosexual PRIDE events.
REMEMBER: PRIDE is one of - actually the Chief of - the Seven Deadly Sins.

Anti-God Demonic Sodomite Mass-Murderer ProAbortion John Perez
believes killing innocent children is O.K. If you do, too, then VOTE for him.

The Murder of Marriage and the State's attack against God.
Abortion & Sodomy are SO EVIL, that the FACT IS:
Each and every politician who supports one also supports the other.

And when we say Pro-Abortion for Politicians like, ProAbortion John Pérez
ProAbortion Ricardo Lara and ProAbortion Lucille Roybal-Allard,
we're talking absolutely NO EXEPTIONS, each and every possible form of abortion INCLUDING:

I. Partial-Birth Abortion, up to the day of birth (9 month old babies, their brains get sucked out of their heads.)

II. Sex-Selection Abortions (when the couple doesn't want a little girl, so they kill her and try for a boy)

III. Abortions on minors without their parents being notified or consenting (as young as 12 years old whose parents have absolutely NO IDEA that their little girl is undergoing major surgery.)

IV. Selective Reduction Abortions in which one or more of twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. are "selected for termination". Fully developed babies get a shot of poison while swimming in the womb.

ProAbortion John Perez is in FAVOR of ALL of this, and will take you to HELL with him by getting you to support him and his Satanic Child-Sacrifice Legislative efforts.

If you vote FOR Mass-Murderers, you will spend Eternity WITH Mass-Murderers."
-- Craig Walterscheid, Director
Southeast Area Free Speech and Religious Liberty Defenders

Assemblyman ProAbortion Ricardo Lara, Assemblyman ProAbortion John Pérez,
Congresswoman ProAbortion Lucille Roybal-Allard []
are ALL ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-CATHOLIC Nazi-Like PAGANS who have sold their souls to the Child-Killers of Planned Parenthood, and would support any and every evil so as to get re-elected.

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